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Brand comparison – our top 3 washing machine picks for 2019

If there’s one appliance households can’t live without – it’s the washing machine.

With so many choices on the market, which washing machine and specifically which brand should you should opt for can have your head spinning!

So which washing machines leave the rest hung out to dry?

We compare our top 3 washing machine brands for 2019


If there’s one brand that tops the washing machine customer satisfaction charts year after year, it’s Miele. Miele offers a range of machines suitable for all households. This brand rates well for energy and water efficiency and offers a range of additional features such as SteamCare (which means less ironing) and a Quick Power Wash, which is speedy, powerful and can tackle the grubbiest of clothes quickly, compared to most machines quick wash cycles.


Bosch machines come a close second, and come in cheaper than Miele. You can purchase a Bosch for under $1000 and it rates almost equally as well when it comes to energy and water efficiency and offers a range of mod con features.


If Miele and Bosch are out of your budget, or you’re looking for an entry-level washing machine, Samsung offer a range of reliable machines at reasonable prices – you can pick one up for under $500. Models for this price range will more than likely be top loaders but if that suits your laundry then Samsung may be the answer.

No matter the size of your household or how often you do laundry, a washing machine is an integral part of your household!

Whether you’re looking for a machine with heaps of additional features or a budget machine that will get the job done efficiently and effectively, any of the above brands will have you covered!



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