Top load washer v/s front load washer

When purchasing a new washing machine the most common question we first ask is top loader or front loader.

Sometimes based on the configuration of your laundry space this question may already be answered for you but if you have the choice and your space can accommodate either a top load washer or a front load washer, how do you know which decision to make?

Whilst both variations of washing machine will get the job done, one may be more suited to your household and needs of your family.

Front loaders

  • Can be more energy efficient in both energy and water usage
  • Have faster spin speeds so clothes can come out dryer
  • Generally quieter than top loaders on the spin cycles
  • Have more specific wash options, such as wool, cotton, and synthetic.
  • Can’t be stopped once they’ve been started
  • Generally more expensive than top loaders
  • Require a lot of bending down to load and unload, which could be uncomfortable if you have back issues.

Top loaders

  • Generally have larger capacities
  • Can be paused mid load (you can add that extra sock you find mid wash!)
  • Many more budget friendly options available
  • Can use more and energy (although there are now many energy efficient options available)
  • May not suit laundry space if you need to put a dryer above or only have space under the bench
  • Are comfortable to use as they require no bending to load or unload.

So which should I choose, a front or top loader?

The question isn’t which is best? But which is the best option for you…

If your laundry space allows you to have either then think about the amount of washing you do. Several washes a week may be more suited to a top loader as you can get more washing done in less loads.

However if you only need to do minimal laundry then a front loader may suit you. This also gives you the option to add a dryer above the front loader down the track if you wish.

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