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Why is my clothes dryer making a clunking sound?

What’s worse than doing the laundry? A noisy clothes dryer to do the laundry with!

If your clothes dryer is making a thumping, clunking or other unpleasant sound then it needs some attention.

Here are the most common causes of your dryer clunking

Uneven load

Firstly try rearranging your load so that everything can move and turn freely in the dryer drum. If this unfortunately isn’t the solution then there is likely a problem with your dryer.

Flat or worn rollers

Dryer rollers support the drum and hold it in place as it rotates. If the rollers are flat or worn out their connection between the drum and rollers is compromised and without the rollers to glide the drum along you will be left with a clunking sound as the drum misses the roller.

Damaged belt

If the issue doesn’t appear to be with the rollers then there could be a problem with the dryer belt. The drive belt wraps around the dryer drum, a tension pulley and the drive motor. Over time this belt can become worn, frayed or damaged and this will cause the drum to be noisy as it turns.

Although you can attempt to replace these parts yourself, a professional can help if you aren’t confident or don’t know where to start. Often if one element breaks down the other is soon to follow so most technicians will replace both of these elements at the same time if they show signs of wear and tear.

If your dryer is making any thumping or clunking noises a technician from Bayside Appliance repairs can thoroughly inspect, diagnose and repair as necessary.


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