Noisy Washing Machine

If you have a noisy washing machine there can be a number of things causing the problem. The best advice is to call in your local appliance repair technician to diagnose the fault, as left unattended other problems may occur leading to a far more serious repair.

Let’s explore some of the possible reasons

The most common problem is excessive noise when the machine is spinning. This could indicate that the drum bearings are worn. Replacing the drum bearings is a big job and should be handled by a qualified technician.

Excessive play in the drum can also indicate that the bearings and or drum shaft are worn. You can check this quite easily by taking hold of the drum, if you can lift the drum up and it drops back down there is excessive play.

Coins, nails and other objects can get trapped between the inner and outer bowls. Most washing machines have a plastic outer bowl so it is important to remove anything that is trapped before it causes further damage.

If your machine is noisy when draining this could be an indicator that there is an obstruction in the pump filter.

We commonly remove things like bra wires, coins, nails, hairclips and the like from machines. Prevention is the best policy so remember to check garment pockets before placing your washing into the machine.

If your machine is unusually noisy, don’t delay, call in a qualified technician. Visit https://www.baysideappliancerepairs.com.au/washing-machines-dryers/


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