Extend the life of your Washing Machine

One of our most regularly used household appliances is the humble washing machine.  Where would we be today without it?  Thankfully long gone are the days of the washboard and soap bar, but with all the ease that the washing machine has brought us, we still need to take time out to care for our life saviour. Not many of us seem to schedule in regular home maintenance of our washing machines.  Yet a few simple steps could really extend the life of your washing machine and ensure your beloved appliance operates effectively to bring you fresh and beautifully laundered clothing.

Just as we don’t like to be overly stressed, neither does your washing machine.  Be mindful of unnecessarily stressing your washing machine with overloading, placing bulky items like blankets on their own creating an unbalance, or those odds and ends we forget about in our pockets that can sometimes unknowingly make their way into the machine.

Now unlike us, a nice big hot bubble bath is not going to help de-stress your machine.  Ensure the right detergents are used for the machine (ie front loader/top loader), and the right amount of product or you may end up with a machine full of suds, overly soapy clothes not to mention the machine itself building up a film on the drum, mouldy hoses or even causing electronic or mechanical damage.  This includes the use of fabric softeners and bleaches alike, remember less product is needed than what is often recommended on the packaging.

As with all machines, removing the washed load immediately stops musty smells and mildew developing on both the washing and the machine.  Leaving the door or lid open whilst empty can also ensure the machine dries out preventing any build up of a musty odour.

Fresh washing requires a clean machine, with all that cleaning of dirty, grimy clothes our washing machines need a little pampering of their own.  Here are a few simple ways to ensure your washing machine can operate effectively:

  • Inspect your machine – ensure it is level and hoses aren’t damaged in any way and touch up outside scratches with paint to prevent rusting
  • Keep the outside clean with a regular wipe over and give seals a good clean as this is often where dirt and grime likes to hide
  • Clean out lint filters and wipe out dispensers
  • Perform a maintenance wash by cleaning the inside with vinegar and hot water

So when was the last time you gave your much loved appliance a little love?  Perhaps a few minor tweaks to your washing routine may extend the life of your washing companion to ensure many years of blissful laundering.  If you find your machine requires an inspection by a professional then don’t delay in booking in your appliance repairs, visit https://www.baysideappliancerepairs.com.au/

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