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Tips to extend the life of your appliances

All appliances will last a little longer with some TLC.

Well looked after appliances means less repair, lower energy usage and ultimately last longer.

All of this means serious savings for you on avoidable appliance repairs and replacements!

Top tips to look after your appliances


The fridge seal is a major component in keeping your fridge working effectively. The plastic seal should be wiped clean often to remove any grease or grime so that the seal is kept airtight.

Cleaning the coils is also a top tip to keep your fridge working well. Remove the kick plate and use a vacuum to remove any dust.

Washing machine

The top tip for washing machines is – load them correctly!

If overloaded clothes can’t move freely it means the machine has to work harder to move them around, putting unnecessary pressure on the motor, transmission, belts and all mechanical parts.

If the machine is under loaded it can lead to unbalanced cycles that can also have a harsh affect on mechanics.

Be sure to clean lint filters and any vents regularly.


Like washing machines, dishwashers are designed to clean things. This doesn’t mean they don’t need cleaning themselves! Regularly scrub the inside of your dishwasher and wipe over the seals to keep them working effectively. Run your dishwasher on a hot empty load every known and again to kill any bacteria and keep the pipes and hoses clean.

Our appliances do so much for us every day; the least we can do is look after them every known and again! If you find your appliances aren’t working as efficiently as they should or have carked it completely, Bayside Appliance Repairs can help!

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