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Should you invest in a washer-dryer combo?

Two-for-one sounds great, but does a washer-dryer combo actually get the job done? Combining washing and drying in one appliance sounds like the ultimate laundry convenience. In go the dirty clothes and out come the dry, clean, and fresh clothes! But, is this too good to be true? Let’s find out.

What is a washer-dryer combo?

A washer-dryer combo is a laundry appliance that combines a washer and dryer into one appliance. They are quite popular because they make those two functions work together: washing and drying your clothes. They typically offer all the features, programs and modes of mid-to-high-end washers and dryers, so they promise to do everything stand-alone washers and dryers can do, but with half the footprint.

Pros of washer-dryer combos:

  • They save space. Combination washer-dryers are designed to fit in the tightest of spaces.
    Washing and drying combo appliances may leave a lot less space for other appliances in your laundry room, but if the room is too small for separate washer and dryer units, the combo machine is a great option.
  • They save money. Combination washer dryers are roughly equivalent to owning a separate front load washer and condenser dryer.
  • They prevent cross-contamination. If you are concerned about the spread of, say, mould or mildew, combo laundry appliances ensure that it will not get spread from the washer to the dryer and vice versa because everything is done in one machine.
  • You can wash and dry your clothes without manual intervention – no more unloading wet clothes to put them in the dryer. This saves you time in the long run.

Cons of washer-dryer combos:

  • They are not as energy-efficient. Combination machines are not as energy efficient as separate machines because they tend to use more energy for drying and heating. This is because there is more heating and drying to do with a combination machine versus separate units. If you have an older, inefficient machine, the extra energy will only drain your wallet.
  • You’ll need to wait for the machine to finish washing and drying before you can add another load. So if you’re doing multiple loads of laundry, it will take longer than if you were using a standalone washer and dryer simultaneously.
  • They can use a staggering amount of water for drying, and this can add up to a lot of money spent on your water bill.

In conclusion, you should do your research if you are thinking of investing in a washer-dryer combination. f you are highly concerned about energy efficiency, you may want to invest in two separate units. In our opinion, unless you have no other choice, an all-in-one washer-dryer combo is almost never the best way to do your laundry.

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