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How often should I clean my fridge?

  • Swipe daily – clean up any spills or leaking fluids straight away to avoid contamination.
  • Cleanout weekly – every week you should throw away anything that is past its use by date. Mould and bacteria can quickly spread and cause fresh food to go off very quickly.
  • Deep clean seasonally – at the start of every new season (approx. every 3 months) give your fridge a deep clean.

How to deep clean your fridge

Take everything out

Take everything out of your fridge. Cleaning your fridge shouldn’t take too long but if you think you might be distracted then use an esky to keep any perishables cool.

Get rid of any nasties

If you find something that you can’t even tell what it is, it’s time to throw it away. Check the use by dates of open jars and throw away anything that is out of date. If you have heaps of veggies that are almost on the brink of death, think about cooking up a stir-fry or a soup.

Remove and clean the shelves and drawers

Carefully remove the shelves and salad drawers and wash with warm soapy water. Your salad drawer is often the dirtiest place in the fridge so give this extra attention! Once finished, stand them up, by the time they are ready to go back in they will be dry.

Clean everywhere else

With the shelves removed you’ll easily be able to reach the fridge cavity. Using soapy water, wipe down the inside of the fridge. Finish by wiping with a clean cloth to remove any soap.

Put everything back

And add a fresh, open box of baking soda. Place it in a corner of the fridge or on a shelf, this will keep any smells at bay as baking soda acts as an odour neutraliser, keeping things fresher for longer.

Return everything to the fridge

Wipe down any condiments so everything is going back in the fridge clean. Organise things so that items that need to be used sooner than others are more visible.

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