Cleaning Washing Machine

Do I need to clean the inside of my washing machine?

Have you noticed a funny smell coming from your washing machine, or perhaps dirty marks on your clean washing? Many customers ask us, do I need to clean the inside of my washing machine? The simple answer is yes, you should regularly clean the inside of your washing machine. Check out our cleaning tips below.

What products should I use to clean my washing machine?

You can use many products to clean your washing machine; however, it is important that you follow the instructions found on the product packaging. Today most supermarkets stock ‘washing machine cleaning tablets’ which are effective. If you prefer natural products simple vinegar and baking soda are usually a safe bet. Never use strong chemicals to clean your washing machine. Be sure to remove filters and detergent dispensers which in most cases pull out easily. Then wash these parts in warm soapy water, you may need a toothbrush for stubborn marks.

How do I clean hard-to-reach washing machine parts?

You can use a pipe cleaner or a toothbrush for cleaning hard-to-reach parts. However, you should never use any wire bristle-type products as they are likely to scratch interior washing machine walls.

How often should I give my washing machine a scrub?

Normally every six months it’s best to give your washer a deep clean. You can do this by adding three litres of bleach to the machine, run an empty cycle with no clothes to allow the bleach to get into all parts of your machine (don’t worry, it’s safe).

Lastly, we recommend pulling your washing machine out from the wall every 3 to 6 months and cleaning underneath where dirt, dust, and powdered detergent tend to accumulate.

If your washing machine is too noisy or has regular error codes popping up, you might need a professional service. Call Bayside Appliance Repairs on 0449 779 749.

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