How to defrost your fridge / freezer

A build-up of frost in your fridge freezer can cause a range of issues.


The build-up can block ventilation ducts and interfere with the airflow, making sections of the fridge warmer or colder than they should be and in turn not keeping your food fresh!

A fridge that doesn’t keep food cold and fresh, doesn’t serve much of a purpose at all – but not to worry – defrosting it could do the trick!

Signs you need to defrost:

  • The presence of thick frost in your freezer
  • Items not freezing thoroughly or taking a long time to freeze
  • Excessive loud fan noises

Why does my fridge freezer frost up?

  • Broken seals. If the seals on your fridge freezer aren’t up to scratch, warm air can leak into your freezer
  • Putting hot food in the fridge freezer
  • Excessive opening and closing of the fridge freezer.

All of these cause temperature variations and condensation, leading to a build-up of excessive frost.

5 steps to defrost your fridge freezer:

  1. Put all of your food in an esky or cool-bag – it will need to stay cool for several hours.
  2. Remove all the shelves and drawers from the fridge.
  3. Prepare the floor area as much as possible to get wet, the ice will melt and turn to water! Put some towels down or aim to collect as much water in a tray.
  4. Open the fridge freezer doors and let room temperature do it’s thing! As the ice melts, if you can remove big chunks as you go this will save it melting all over your floor.
  5. When the ice is melted and your fridge freezer looks brand new, clean it as well as cleaning the drawers and shelves.

Voila! Your fridge freezer should be good as new and ready to keep your food fresh once more.

If you are having ongoing issues with your fridge freezer and defrosting doesn’t do the trick, you may need to replace the seals or investigate further. Contact the team at Bayside Appliance Repairs who will be able to advise and assist.





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