How to clean and maintain your washing machine.

Your washing machine should last you at least 8 years before it needs replacing.

Whilst it’s one of our most trusty and necessary appliances, aside from when doing the laundry we don’t often think of the washing machine.

With some TLC and regular maintenance, your washing machine will continue to make your life easier for years to come!

Washing machine maintenance tips:

  • Always keep your machine on a level surface.
  • Load the machine evenly with large and small items to keep it balanced.
  • Don’t overload the machine or wrap clothes around the agitator if your machine has one.
  • Leave the door/lid open in-between uses to allow it to fully dry.
  • Remove items from pockets prior to putting them in the wash.

How to keep your washing machine clean:

  • Keep the door/lid open to allow the machine to fully dry to minimize the chance of mould growing.
  • Dry the seals of your washing machine to stop mould building up.
  • If you usually wash your laundry on a cold cycle, run a hot cycle on a high water level once a month.
  • If you see any build up inside the drum, remove it by giving it a scrub with good old-fashioned elbow grease and a sponge!
  • Use a mixture of ½ cup bi-carb and 2 cups of white vinegar instead of washing detergent on a full wash cycle to break down any grease or build up in the hoses.
  • Remove any build-ups of hair or fabric in the machine that can harbor bacteria and cause an odor.

Luckily, washing machines aren’t that difficult to maintain or keep clean.  They just require some regular cleaning and TLC. By keeping your washing machine clean and well maintained, it will continue making your life easier and keeping your clothes squeaky clean for many years!

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