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Choosing the right sized washing machine to suit your family

Washing machines are available in a range of sizes and load capacities and you may think that if you have a big family, bigger is better, but this isn’t always the case, there is more to consider before you make your purchase! According to choice.com.au; the average load is only 3.5kgs, regardless of household size! A washer will generally last around 10 years before it starts to give you any grief; with that in mind you want to ensure you’re choosing the right sized washing machine for your family so an upgrade won’t be required any earlier!

This guide will help you choose an appliance size to suit your family. Of course, it is only a guide as what you need will depend on your laundry requirements.

Washing machine capacity explainer

Capacities are measured in kilograms. This is the maximum weight of dry laundry that the machine can clean efficiently and effectively.

Estimated weights of laundry loads and capacity

To help explain, some average laundry load weights are:

●      A 6kg machine could effectively wash 25 t-shirts or 1 single doona

●      A 7kg machine could effectively wash 35 t-shirts or a double doona

●      An 8kg machine could effectively wash 40 t-shirts or 1 queen doona

●      A 10kg machine could effectively wash 50 t-shirts or 1 king doona

Your laundry requirements

Washing machine space
A larger capacity machine will be larger in dimensions as well. The first place to start should always be to measure your laundry space and then you know your options when looking for a new machine.

Laundry habits
Considering that most families do multiple loads of washing a week, it is unlikely that you are washing 50 t-shirts all at the same time. This is why a smaller machine may be more suitable for your needs than you think!

Household size
Naturally the larger your household the larger the machine you may opt for. However bear in mind that it’s unlikely you’ll be washing all your clothes in one load, so you may not be limited to those with only 9/10kg load capacities.

If it’s time to upgrade or replace your washing machine, talk through your needs with your local appliance retailer who will have an extensive range of machines all under one roof, making your decision making process easier!

If you want to check the viability of repair before purchasing a new machine call our friendly technician today!

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