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Buying an ice dispenser fridge

Buying a water and ice dispenser fridge can be extremely tempting. When we are updating our fridge, we often want the newest technology with all the bells and whistles. For some families, this style of fridge may be a sound investment. However, you may also want to consider some aspects of the fridge that may not be the best fit for you and your home.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you are trying to decide whether it’s the right purchase for you. Well, here are our top three tips and things to consider when looking at buying a water and ice dispensing fridge.

1)    Cost

While these fridges add a lot of convenience, they also are more expensive than conventional fridges. Not only do the fridges themselves add upwards of $200 to the cost price, but the running costs change as well. These fridges use more energy to make the ice and filter the water. This means that they will add an extra cost to your electricity bills. On average, these fridges will add 12%-20% to your yearly bill.

Not only do running costs jump up, but installation cost can also be more expensive. These fridges work by tapping into the cold-water supply pipe. These pipes can be located under the floor, in the wall, or even somewhere else in the kitchen. A plumber is needed to make this connection properly, hence the higher installation cost than a DIY install of a standard fridge.

These extra costs are something you will have to weigh up. They may be worth it for you and your family. Sometimes, convenience overrides the price. These fridges provide easy access to cold water and can encourage your family to drink more water. They also remove the hassle of filling ice trays and waiting for them to freeze. It all depends on what will work best for your home.

2)    Water quality

One benefit of owning one of these fridges is the filtration system. Some areas have perfect tap water, however, sometimes this water can develop a funny taste. Currently in Brisbane, many residents are noticing that their tap water tastes like dirt. This can happen to tap water at any time. Weather conditions and large amounts of rainfall lead to an increase in compounds that create an earthy taste. With the large amounts of rain that Brisbane have been receiving lately, it’s no surprise these compounds have affected the taste of Brisbane tap water. While it won’t last forever and won’t harm you, filtered water is always handy to have in these situations. An ice maker and water dispenser fridge can be beneficial to have around if you’re particularly sensitive to tap water taste and don’t want to be purchasing bottled water.

3)    Storage

This is one of the common reasons why families opt to not buy one of these fridges. In order to fit the mechanism in the fridge, storage can be compromised. These mechanisms tend to sit in the door of the fridge and therefore remove storage availability that would usually be there. While this may not be a problem for a smaller family or a single or couple, it could pose problems for a larger family. Fridge storage is important, and it may not be worth giving up for cold water and ice.

It’s important to keep in mind what your habits are when it comes to drinking water. You may be a family or household who usually stores bottles or jugs of water in the fridge to keep them cold. If this is the case, the mechanism may actually take up less space than these jugs or bottles. It all depends on what suits your lifestyle.

Buying a new appliance can be difficult. There are always so many options, and pros and cons for each type. Hopefully these three insights have given you a good starting place to consider whether a water and ice dispenser fridge is right for your home. If you want to enquire about the installation of one of these fridges contact Bayside Appliance Repairs on 0449 779 749.

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