A Dryer Can Become a Fire Hazard

A dryer can become a fire hazard. How to avoid a fire disaster in your home.
Did you know, electrical household appliances account for nearly 40% of home fires?

Most of us think that the only maintenance required for a dryer to operate safely is to clean the lint filter after every use. Whilst this is important, there are other steps to take to keep your dryer in good and safe working order.

Laundry is more than likely part of your weekly, if not daily routine. There are precautions you can take to prevent a fire starting in your dryer.

Top tips to stop your dryer becoming a fire hazard

Keeping filters clean
Filters and vents need to be checked and cleaned to make sure they’re lint free before every use of your dryer. A build up of lint can cause the drum of the dryer to overheat, putting it at risk of catching fire. One indication that lint filters, vents or ducts need to be cleaned is clothes taking longer to dry than usual, or still being damp at the end of their normal drying cycle.

Don’t over load your dryer
Always be mindful of your dryers clothing capacity and never over load it. Overloading can cause damage to your dryer by extending the drying time, which can result in overheating.

Make sure your dryer has adequate ventilation
Dryers need room to breathe when they’re in action for air to circulate around them, squeezing it into a tight space with poor ventilation could cause it to malfunction, or even catch fire.

Only using the dryer whilst home
According a survey by Canstar, 38% of people turn the drier on before leaving the house, or going to bed. This may be a convenient time to dry your laundry but if anything goes wrong it could be the difference between minimal damage or loosing your entire home.

Let the dryer cool down
Dryers have a cool down cycle and as tempting as it can be to get your warm clothes out as soon as they are dry, it is important to let the dryer work through the cool down cycle and then remove the clothes and spread them out to disperse the heat.

Check your clothes are tumble dryer safe
Not all fabrics are safe for tumble dryers. It is important to always check the clothing labels to make sure they’re suitable for tumble drying. Clothes that have been exposed to flammable or explosive substances should never be placed in a tumble dryer.

Keep your dryer in good working order
If you hear any unusual sounds, grinding or knocks, or your dryer is louder than usual, it is likely an indication that the dryer needs maintenance. If you hear any sounds, or your dryer isn’t working as it used to e.g. the timer is off – contact an experienced appliance repairer such as Bayside Appliance Repairs.





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